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Don't Believe the Hype: How the Media Distorts Sexuality

The Scoop on Sex: Teen Peer Educators Tell All

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Sex etc., Answer, Rutger’s University,

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Teenwire, a Planned Parenthood website,





"The most important thing I learned at the Health Fair today was not to have sex unless you are educated!"

11th grader, St. Jean Baptiste High School


“I learned that it is okay to explore our sexuality, and that as a woman I must respect myself, others, and support any other woman who may be in need.”

10th grader, Bard High School


“Although I am not sexually active, I will most likely be in the future, and this really helped me know what to do and expect. Also, I learned a lot about my anatomy.”

10th grader, St. Jeans Baptiste High School

“The most important thing [about the health fair] was learning how to put on a condom and learning more about my sexual health.”

10 grader, High School of Math, Science and Engineering at City College

“Putting a condom on the wrong way can lead to pregnancy.”

11th grader, LaGuardia High School

“It’s interesting knowing that even adults struggle with knowing who they are, and what they prefer sexually.”

11th grader, The Young Women's Leadership High School

“In sex ed I learned that oil based lubricant can disintegrate latex condoms which is something I was previously unaware of."

11th grader, the Beacon School

"I learned that sex is for female pleasure also"

11th grader, Kew Forest High School

"When it comes to sex, drugs, alcohol, I am more open to discussions about these topics, especially with my mom which is great"

11th Grader Baruch College Campus High School