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“With her candid, easy attitude and wealth of knowledge, Amy made the participants feel comfortable asking difficult questions about sex and sexual health. The girls left equipped with important information and new confidence to put their safety, health and wellbeing first in all situations.”

Victoria Pettibone,

Co-Founder of WET Productions




"Amy's honesty and wealth of knowledge makes her an asset to any classroom.  Within minutes of starting a workshop with our students, she created a trusting and comfortable atmosphere in which the girls felt at ease to ask tough questions about their bodies and sex.  Amy's diverse and fun range of activities not only equipped the girls with relevant, tangible information, but kept the students engaged and interested throughout the session."


NYC Public School Teacher



For Schools and Community Based Organizations

Amy subscribes to the school of thought that a comprehensive approach to sexuality education is in the best interest of society.  While some states have mandates in place to enforce that young people receive some degree of HIV/AIDS and/or sexuality education, there are plenty of states that do not have policies, or place restrictions on what can be taught.  

In some communities, educating young people about sexuality-related topics can create controversy.  However, as Doug Kirby, Ph.D. has presented in his publications No Easy Answers and Emerging Answers, sexuality and HIV education curricula that discuss abstinence and contraception do not hasten the onset of intercourse, do not increase the frequency of intercourse, and do not increase the number of a person's sexual partners.

We live in a country where the government allocates hundreds of millions of dollars to only teach young people about abstaining from sex until marriage.  These programs also tend to provide medically inaccurate information and fear- and shame-based messages.  While abstinence is an important part of a comprehensive approach to sexuality education, it's only one of 39 important topics. 

Parents, educators, advocates, and policymakers need to realize there is real danger in teaching anything less than a comprehensive approach.  The proof:  The U.S. has a higher teen pregnancy rate than any other industrialized country, and an increasing STD rate among our youth (and adults).  Not to mention, young people encounter a range of sexuality scenarios —including those related to body image and self esteem, decision making, peer pressure, assertiveness, friendship, dating, love, puberty, and taking care of their sexual health.  Living in a sex saturated society that's filled with mixed messages and myths, young people need, want, and deserve more comprehensive sexuality information.

Contact Amy to:

Identify, review, or recommend sexuality education curricula, lesson plans, and other resources.

Create or update a sexuality education curricula or program.

Evaluate a curriculum to make it more comprehensive, check accuracy, age-appropriateness, cultural competence, and identify fear- and shame-based messages.

Make a curriculum inclusive for your community.

Form a task force or other advisory group in support of comprehensive sexuality education.

Train trainers on a variety of topics, including prioritizing sexuality topics to teach, creative approaches to involve parents in the sex ed process, etc.

Provide classes or workshops for parents, with or without their children in attendance. 

Additional consulting can be designed specifically for the needs of your school or community-based organization.

Amy's recent projects include:

Developed lesson plans as part of a toolkit for Frontline: The Age of AIDS, a PBS documentary.

Researched curricula and related documents for NYC Department of Education.

Provided lesson plans and support to family life sexuality educators in two after-school programs for middle school students; a pilot program of Dr. Michael Carrera's/Children's Aid Society's Adolescent and Pregnancy Prevention Program.

Updated script and teacher's guide for a popular sex ed video for teens.

Associate Project Director for Filling the Gaps: Hard-to-Teach Topics in Sexuality Education, a SIECUS manual of supplemental teaching activities.