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"As a parent of two young girls and a childbirth/parenting educator, I found Amy's workshop enlightening. One of the points she made clear was that discussing sexuality issues should be considered to be an ongoing dialogue and process. Keeping communication open is a vital part of sexual health with our children; Amy gave us useful tools and ideas for engaging and encouraging such discussions."

Jayne Freeman


"Amy taught me so many great ways to talk with my daughter about sex that I never thought of."

"Thanks to Amy,  I now think about sexuality in a broader way, and I know how to share positive messages with my children."

"My kids have a coach for soccer, and I have a coach to help me teach them about sex. Amy, I can't thank you enough for your support and guidance."


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Want to talk with your kids about sexuality, but not sure when to start, what to say or how to keep the conversations ongoing?

Amy offers private sessions and group   workshops to give you the tools you need to keep talking.

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For Parents (and Caregivers)

Click Here for The Best Sex Ed Books for Your Kids


Think about the ages of your children. 

Your children have received that many years worth of messages about sexuality. 

Whether your have infants, toddlers, young children, tweens or teens, many of these messages are likely provided from the world around them.  These messages, especially those about your attitudes, values and beliefs are best coming from you!

Parents share messages with their children about a variety of health-related topics without thinking twice--these include how to eat nutritiously, to brush their teeth twice a day, to look both ways before crossing a street, to wear a seat belt in the car, to go out in a group, etc.--and, it's important to provide accurate and age-appropriate information about sexuality too!


Talking with Your Children

When it comes to sharing messages and information with children of any age, you can take advantage of teachable moments—daily opportunities that occur when you are together.  Yet, many parents aren't sure how to react when caught off-guard by a child's curiosity about a sexuality-related topic, when to talk and what to say, how to handle sexuality-related scenarios, or how to identify and share messages and values about sexuality without the embarrassment.

Contact Amy to find out about private sessions and group workshops to help start or continue the conversation with ease.


Private Sessions for Parents

Designed to meet your needs, these sessions can address the following and more:

  • Helping you set a positive tone from infancy through adolescence

  • Identifying your attitudes, values and beliefs

  • Increasing your comfort and confidence

  • Demonstrating how to let your children know you're approachable

  • Utilizing teachable moments

  • Explaining how to address simple questions and tackle difficult topics

  • Providing tips and tools to have ongoing age-appropriate conversations


Group Workshops for Parents

These address a wide variety of sexuality topics and include:

  • Right from the Start: What your Child Needs to Know about Sexuality Before they're Six

  • What Kids Need to Know about Sex at Every Age

  • If Not Now, When? Taking the Time to Talk with your Kids about Sexuality

  • Fostering Healthy Attitudes about Sexuality

  • Instilling Positive Body Image at Any Age

  • Remembering Puberty: From Body Basics to What to Say

  • Ask Amy: Answers to your most Pressing Questions to help you Talk with your Kids about Sexuality

  • Talking with Your Kids about Sex

  • Raising Sex-Positive Kids


Amy also offers workshops for parents to attend with their tweens and teens.  Contact Amy to learn more.



Check out Ask Amy--a Q & A column that provides expert advice on parents' pressing questions about sexuality.

For websites to share with your children, tweens and teens check out For Young People.


Sexuality isn't solely about sexual behavior.

Sexuality is:

how we develop (including anatomy, physiology, body image, and sexual orientation)

how we embrace ourselves and each other (including families, friendships, dating, and intimate relationships)

how we look out for our best interests, as well as relate to others (including communication, assertiveness, and decision-making).

how we experience a spectrum of behaviors (including abstinence and shared experiences).

how we take care of our sexual health (including reproductive health, contraception, STDs, and sexual functioning).

how we maintain boundaries and empowerment in the event of conflict and/or trauma (including sexual abuse, harassment, and/or assault).

and, how we interact and learn from one another (including gender roles and diversity).