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"Amy, thank you for tonight's workshop.  This was my first sex class, and it was very interesting.  Your demeanor and personality made us all feel very comfortable talking about sex."

"Thanks Amy!  The workshop was truly an enjoyable and educational experience.  Everyone could use a little "sex ed"—even just a quick refresher.  Looking forward to using my newfound knowledge."

"Amy's workshop was educational and lighthearted at the same time.  She's very professional and respectful."

"I really appreciated Amy's honesty about sex.  Especially, the trick about ensuring a condom doesn't break."

"Amy has a great sense of humor with all the sexual topics discussed."

"I love that Amy was so open and answered all the questions."

"Amy is very helpful, and made people feel very comfortable creating an open and inclusive environment.  It was also a very interesting learning experience.  Highly recommended!"

"Great workshop—definitely learned some things I never knew."

"I enjoyed Amy's friendliness and ability to feel comfortable and be open."

"The workshop was really informative and great!  Amy was very easy to relate to."

"The workshop was educational in a fun and "to the point" way."

"Thanks for the fun, educational class.  I look forward to trying some new techniques.  I am sure my husband will appreciate them too!"





As a renowned certified sexuality educator, Amy provides workshops at bachelorette parties, divorce celebrations, cocktail parties and other events—that provide tidbits, tips, and tricks. Ultimately, aiming to inspire you and your guests—whether single or coupled—to become savvy and empowered in and out of the bedroom.

Known for many years as Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Carnal Counselor Amy has provided millions of readers with practical, honest, and medically accurate sexuality information. She's also quoted in numerous national magazines and on the web including AOL, Best Life, Company UK, Cosmopolitan, Daily Beast, Fit Pregnancy, Glamour, Health, Hollywood Life, Maxim, Men's Health, New York Family, NY Daily News, Timeout New York Kids, Redbook, SELF, SheKnows,, Woman's Day and Women's Health. 

All workshops are sponsored by well-known companies that provide the best must-have products.

Workshops Include:

  • Personalized Interactive Presentation

  • Gift Bags for Each Guest

  • Over $150 in Prizes

Email Amy or call 212.686.5359 for details.

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