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For Parents:

What do I say to my child who saw my husband and me making love?

Do I need to tell the other parent that our kids were playing doctor?

When does childhood sexual behavior become a cause for concern?

What do I do when my autistic son is being sexually inappropriate at school?

How do I handle my pre-teen viewing porn on the Internet?

My teen is writing erotica. Does this mean that she is sexually active?


Your Sex Life:

Elusive Orgasms

The Essentials of Tantric Sex

Sizzling Sex


Carnal Counselor:

    Contraception Queries

    What's the best kind of condom to use?

    Can you tell me how to put a condom on my guy?

    Why do our condoms always break?

    How do I get the morning after pill?

    About Her Body

    Can I get pregnant during my period?

    Can I get pregnant from pre-cum?

    Can my vagina lose muscle tone from too much sex?

    Does menstruation affect my sex drive?

    Does my diet affect my vaginal flavor?

    How can I guide him to my G-spot?

    How can I increase my vaginal lubrication?

    How do I know if I'm having an orgasm?

    How do I shave my pubic hair?

    How should I have sex during my period?

    I feel like I'm going to pee during sex

    I get too wet during sex

    Is it possible for women to orgasm while sleeping?

    Stimulating the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously  

    Is it safe to masturbate with water from showerhead? 

    Why do I have a burning sensation during and after sex?

    Why are my orgasms more intense during masturbation?

    What is the white stuff that I secrete during sex?

    Why is my clitoris larger with increased sexual activity?

    What causes a yeast infection--and can I give it to him?

    What's he hitting with each thrust

    My labia are lopsided?

    What's the difference between clitoral and G-spot orgasms?

    What causes fartlike sounds during sex?

    Why does my clitoris get numb during foreplay?

     About His Body

     My guy has bumps on his penis

    Why do guys wake up with a hard-on?

    What are blue balls?

    Are men's nipples sensitive?

    Can I ask my guy to groom his genitals?

    Can men orgasm without ejaculating?

    Is oral sex different if a guy is circumcised?

    Why do guys like to ejaculate on women's bodies?

    Can she feel when he has an orgasm?

    Can jelqing enlarge his penis?

    How do I touch his perineum?

    My boyfriend's genitals smell

    My guys isn't circumcised

    Carnal Conundrum

     Our libidos are out of sync

    Can STDs be transmitted through oral sex?

    Can guys tell when a girl is having an orgasm?

    Am I gay if I have erotic thoughts about women?

    Can women take Viagra?

    Should I have a threesome?

    Is it ok for my guy to blow into my vagina?

    My guy takes forever to get an erection?

    Why do guys experiment with anal play during the deed?   

    Giving him oral sex gives me a stiff jaw and neck

    How can I help myself orgasm during oral sex?

    How do I get him ready for round two?

    Why does he fantasize about me being with other men?

    How can I try different positions when I dislike my body?

    My boyfriend's penis is too big for my mouth

    My boyfriend's penis keeps slipping out

    How can I get him to improve his smooching skills?

    Condoms make him lose his erection

    How can I help him improve his oral sex technique?

    Is it weird if I kiss him after he gives me oral sex?

    I don't want to swallow

    He masturbated when he thought I was sleeping

    How can I delay his climax?

    Our sack styles don't mesh

    He's way taller than me

    I can only come with my vibrator

    Must I tell my partner I have HPV?

    My man's penis is too big

    He has a urine hang-up

    My man takes forever to come

    I need to masturbate during sex

     Spicing up your sack sessions

    How do we have sex standing up?

    How do I bring up using a sex toy with him?

    Are food products safe to use?

    Can he tell if she's a virgin?

    Can arousal creams increase sexual satisfaction?

    Can I use household products as lube?

    Do kegels really enhance sex?

    How can I get in the mood?

    How can I talk dirty and still be focused?

    How can we spice up missionary?

    How do we 69?

    How do I ask for oral sex?

    How do I bring up sex toys with him?

    How do I do reverse cowgirl?

    How do I decide on what sex toy to buy?

    How do I get him to extend foreplay?   

    How can I get him to be more assertive in bed?

    How do I give him a hand job?

    How do I give him a hummer?

    How do I give him anal pleasure?

    How do I have phone sex?

    How do I introduce light bondage?

    How do I initiate sex?

    How do I master women-on-top?

    How do I use lube?

    How do we have sex in public?

    How do we have sex standing up?

    How do we master simultaneous oral sex?

    How do I role-play?

    I want to try anal sex

    I want to watch porn with him

    Is it okay to fantasize during sex?

    Is it safe to use ice, wax and more in the sack?

    Is underwater sex safe?

    He wants me to talk dirty

    What are sex toys for men?

    What do I do when I watch him masturbate?

    What do I do with his balls during oral sex?

    Why is rimming pleasurable and is it safe?